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What is Chemistry Infinity?

Chemistry Infinity is a pseudo chemistry puzzle game inspired by Button Up!, Threes, and Bejeweled.

The goal of this game is to solve puzzles by creating molecules via bonding atoms in the screen. Most levels will require you to create specific number of molecules using all of the atoms in the room. Others will require you to create specific molecule, e.g. water

How to play

The goal of the game is to solve puzzles by forming molecules via bonding atoms.

In order to form a complete molecule, all atoms within the molecule must be satisfied. (If you are familiar with chemistry, it is known as the octet rule.)

For example, hydrogens require 1 bond to be satisfied.

You can form a molecule by bonding 2 hydrogen atoms.

Oxygens require 2 bonds to be satisfied.

You can form a molecule by double bonding 2 oxygen atoms.

Nitrogens require 3 bonds to be satisfied and carbons require 4 bonds to be satisfied. You can form a molecule by triple bonding 2 nitrogen atoms.

However, 2 carbons alone may not form a molecule as 3 is the maximum number of bonds between 2 atoms.

The following is a sample puzzle in the game.

What's not finished?

I think I finished the basic structure of the game. I, however, want to add more levels, more mechanics, and polish the game in terms of visuals, audio, and level progression. My ultimate goal is to publish my game to Steam and Google Play.


I want to thank following people for allowing me to use their assets.

  1. https://www.freesound.org/people/rhodesmas/
    Sound effect after solving the puzzle.
  2. https://www.freesound.org/people/LittleRainySeason...
    Sound effect after failing the puzzle.
  3. http://kenney.nl/assets
    Number of visual and audio assets were used.
  4. http://www.dafont.com/des-gomez.d3925
    Des Gomez/prada12988@yahoo.com
    Creator of Slime Season and Potion Fushia font.
  5. https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/1951/audi...
    Number of audio assets were used
  6. http://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/72352/going-...
    Going To The Moon by LivingInSilence
  7. http://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/91797/relaxi...
    Relaxing Synth by HxnHxHxn
  8. http://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/98499/future...
    Future Bass Pluck by ebae
  9. https://thenounproject.com/
    Bomb by Edward Boatman from the Noun Project


Chemistry Infinity.exe 6 MB
Chemistry Infinity.apk 13 MB

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